7 Days of Pain...Pain-free with Aisa Holmes' New Smart Drip Campaigns

According to SalesForce Research, it takes approximately 6 - 8 touches for a contact to close. In real estate that number is even higher, as the decision to move often involves multiple people, and a whole lot of emotions 😅

At Structurely, we realize not every lead is going to respond on the first message Aisa Holmes sends. So we are excited to announce Aisa's newest skill -- Smart Drip Campaigns.

Drip Campaigns are designed for unresponsive buyer, seller and renter leads. But they're not your typical annoying, impersonal, dry drip campaign. No...Aisa Holmes is built with Artificial Intelligence, so her drip campaigns are intelligent too.

Aisa Holmes will follow up wtih buyer and seller leads using different scripts for 7 days of no response from the lead. But here's where things get really cool. Unlike your traditional drips, Aisa will actually respond and qualify the lead further at any point the lead does respond to one of these drip messages.

Better yet, Aisa's not in the business of annoying your leads. She's smart enough to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret if a lead responds saying something along the lines of, "leave me alone" and immediately and automatically opt that lead out of all further drip messages and other messages all together.

These aren't you're ordinary drip campaigns, they're Smart Drips. Want to take a look-see as to what those 7 messages look like for buyers and sellers? Take a look at the screenshot below of the Seller Smart Drip a lead is currently on Day 2 of. Note how Aisa uses the lead's name, re-introduces herself as an assistant for your brokerage, and even references the original address this lead inquired about.

Nate Joens, CEO & Co-Founder

Pretty cool, right? You can also see here, Aisa will attempt to "nudge" the lead sending a message saying "Just let me know if I can help!" 15 minutes after they originally contact you.

With her new Smart Drip skills, Aisa has you covered from all angles to make sure she's getting the most out of your leads.

Want to see what the rest of the 7 Smart Drip messages look like for both buyers and sellers? Schedule a demo below and we can tell you all about it!

Or if you've already hired Aisa Holmes, we hope you enjoy all the more work Aisa is about do for you 🤓

Happy closings!

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