Improve Your Inside Sales Team Efficiency with Technology

With tech in real estate growing exponentially, it seems that there are many myths or ideas of what the role of technology is in the industry. One popular idea that I see often is that if you have a human inside sales agent or you are a human inside sales agent, there is no need to use technology like Aisa Holmes who is an artificial inside sales agent. It’s either one or the other. 

The truth is, that’s simply not true. While technology like Aisa Holmes is able to stand on its own and take the place of a human ISA, that doesn’t mean it has to. At Structurely our users aren’t just agents and brokers, but they are human ISA’s. Human ISA’s rely on technology and need technology just like everyone else to make their job as efficient and effective as possible.

I recently spoke with one of our users, Danielle Cuevas who just happens to be a Human ISA for Keller Williams Premier Realty and her love and reliance on Aisa was abundantly clear. “Aisa helps me prepare. Whenever I call a lead and I see they are chatting with Aisa and they tell Aisa that they want a 2 bed, 2 bath home, I can see all of that and I can call them and be prepared with all that information. It helps break the ice and allows me to convert them.” Danielle said. “I know who I need to talk to because that information is right there in Homechat.” She continued. 

Since Danielle is human she’s not available around the clock. She sleeps, takes lunch breaks, enjoys days off, and isn’t available 24/7. Aisa fills in those gaps and makes sure no lead goes unanswered. “Our issue is with people going unheard. With Aisa, if a lead is on our site and they have a question they can get an answer right away, but if they can’t get an answer right away, they will just move on somewhere else.” Danielle said. 

Danielle’s day to day and overall role was made easier because she partnered with technology. Aisa and Danielle now work together to qualify more leads than just one person could handle and she has seen great success because of it. 

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Nate Joens, 

CEO and Co-Founder

Technology is a Partner not a Replacement

Technology helps human ISA's

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