A.I. and Chatbots Could Reshape the Real Estate Industry

Real estate juggernauts will converge on San Francisco next week from around the nation. Inman Connect is bringing in tech hungry real estate agents and brokers from around the country to taste test the latest offerings from tech giants like Zillow, REALTOR.com, DocuSign and scrappy startups like Structurely. Nominated as finalist for the Inman Innovator awards, Structurely’s real estate chatbot Holmes aims to shake up the real estate landscape.

Real estate plays a huge role in our society — in the economy, socially and locally — buying or selling your home has a lasting impact. More so than any other life decision, your decision to buy a home means you will be swarmed with information. Good real estate agents can cut through the noise and help you make sense of this information, but they only seem to help so much. Information is the key to unlocking your next home, so how do you make sure you are making the right decision?

Artificial intelligence is helping us make big decisions using huge amounts of data. It lets us ask Watson to find legal documents related to a court case, ask Google the meaning of life and it even knows when we are pregnant. So what does it mean in real estate?

Chatbots Can Answer Your Call to Move
Your move is just as unique as you, and the job of a real estate agent is to provide only the information you need when you need it.

I like the kitchen in 123 Main St, can you find more like it?

When is the right time to buy in Austin?

How long would it take to sell my home in this market?

These questions all require a lot of information to understand. However, with the help of a real estate chatbot, you can get these answered in real-time in an easily digestible message.


Just ask Holmes, Structurely’s real estate chatbot, who says it aims to help bring the services of real estate agents to the world of messaging. Holmes uses artificial intelligence to detect buyers’ and sellers’ questions and answer them in real-time right in your favorite messaging tool.

Holmes answering questions asked above

Clearly expressing what you want in a home to your real estate agent can be hard. Holmes understands that pain and unlike a human, works best by looking at your behavior as well as what you say. It knows the properties and places you’ve looked at moving to and all the questions you’ve asked about them. This means Holmes understands you want a home with granite counters, even if you actually never said it.

It can do this because Holmes lives everywhere you and your agent communicate. On their home search website, on Zillow, REALTOR.com, Facebook and more. Holmes is aware of all of your conversations and their context.

So what happens when it’s finally time to put an offer in, or schedule a showing on that home you love? Holmes will put you directly in touch with the real estate agent you’ve been speaking with, or the listing agent to help you make your move.

Your agent will see the entire conversation, properties you’ve viewed, homes you’ve liked and now the home you want to see.


Holmes always keeps the agent in the loop, so when it’s time to buy you don’t miss out. With the help of artificial intelligence chatbots, your next move will bring you personalized content in the messaging apps you already use. Tools like Facebook Messenger, text message, live chat and WeChat.

Don’t miss out on the next home of your dreams. Keep up to date on selling your current home, all within your favorite messaging app. Holmes turns your conversation into closing the next home of your dreams.

Sign up below to learn about setting up your own AI chatbot with Structurely.

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