We’ve just released our FREE ebook, The Realtors Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate! <- Get your very own copy at the link

It’s exciting, right? No, I mean the part about A.I. 🙂

Advances in software are beginning to shape industries, for the better, and it’s time to take a hold of it for yourself in real estate. It’s an exciting time, but a confusing one and you need to make sure you are well versed in the latest in tech to make the greatest investment in your ROI.

This guide outlines the tools and tips you can start using today in your real estate business to do things like:

  • Predict what leads in your CRM are close to converting
  • Use computer vision for real estate search to find homes based on the features in their images
  • Use chatbots to automatically message and follow-up with leads from all your online sources

Use the tools we and tips we outline in this guide to become the agent of the future.

Happy reading,

From – the Structurely Team


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