Subtle messages at the right moment can lead to higher conversions.


Has someone ever sent you a message right when you needed it? It could’ve been as simple as, “Best of luck on your exam today” right before a big placement test or “I’ve got dinner waiting for you at home” just as you’re thinking about food. Messaging is a staple to our society, as humans, it’s how we communicate. It’s personable, accessible and simple – which is why it’s a great and underutilized tool for your real estate business to build and grow more relationships.

Messaging is the new lead capture

I hate lead capture forms. Everybody hates them because they aren’t trustworthy. What’s gonna happen when I enter my name, email or phone? Will I be bombarded with emails and calls?

Yes. That’s typically the case – and people know it, which is why lead capture forms are an un-trustworthy way to start off your relationship with a potential client.

Messaging provides a trusted environment to interact with you, the professionals, on the consumers terms. That’s the beauty in messaging.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.20.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.56.30 AM.png







In reality, which one of these would you prefer to learn more about somewhere where you’ll be spending your years to come?

Sending the right message at the right time

You know what your buyers and sellers need more than they do. And with over 90% of all movers looking for information online about buying or selling a home, it’s important that you reach them there.

Think of your website like an open house, where you great each new visitor and ask them about their needs and questions. So too will your online visitors have questions about specific properties and markets, so you need to be armed and ready to answer them.

Proactively message your online visitors. Leverage tools that manage their behaviors, like Google Analytics, or the Structurely HomeChat product so you can send your leads the right content before they even know they need it.

Follow up with your Facebook leads proactively with market information regarding the property they are selling.

Please stop calling me

How many times have you heard this? Or maybe the less in your face “unsubscribe from this email drip campaign” is something you’re more familiar with. I’m sorry to say but, email drip campaigns are miserable, and there’s a lot of people who hate talking on the phone (while I will admit, there are still some that prefer it).

Take it from Drew Meyers, former Zillow-er and now real estate tech blogger and founder of GeekEstate Blog:

“Like it or not, they don’t want to submit a form, talk to you for 5 minutes or trade 2 emails, only to be put on your email newsletter for eternity on some sort of crappy drip campaign”

Ouch. That doesn’t bode well for most lead capture websites out there today, as usually the Call-to-Action looks something like this


Lead Capture 2.0

What if instead of the horrendous lead capture form as shown above, Karl Lindor sent a personalized message as a prospect lands on 3163 E Lake Sammamish Shore Ln?

Something highly relevant, personalized and trustworthy – lead capture 2.0:

Hey there, I’m Karl! What do you think of 3163 E Lake Sammamish Shore? Its got a great view of the lake and newly updated kitchen appliances, would you care to see for yourself in person?

Maybe this home was outside the prospects budget, that’s fine – let’s see how Karl can take the lead a step further.

No problem, I’ve got a few other listings near Sammamish Shore with lake access that might be in your budget. What do you think of 3613 N Shore (link) or 1414 S Shore (link)?

Remember how I said earlier, you can use the Structurely HomeChat product to track user behavior on your site? Now’s the time to put that to use – because Karl’s prospect just clicked the link to 3613 N Shore and loves it so much they schedule a showing, all through a simple messaging chat on Karl’s website.

Create 1:1 Conversations

Real estate is all about relationships, but in the internet age, relationships start with a forced lead registration form…which is not the best first impression 😦 Don’t believe me? ask the guys at Forrester Research:

  • Forrester Research found that 44% of consumers say that having questions answered by a live person in the middle of an online transaction is one of the most important features a website can offer.

Start thinking about messaging to create 1:1 conversations that will lead to relationships. It’s relationships that will lead to more closings and the first impression you make on your prospects is what will stick with them forever.

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