The Structurely Data Science Team first came together while competing for Iowa State University in prudsys 2015 Data Mining Cup,  an international data mining competition in which they placed 2nd out of 188 teams from 48 different countries. They are now applying their experiences in the world of big data to work at the forefront of artificial intelligence in the real estate market.

Ian Mouzon: Chief Data Scientist

Ian and a T-Rex

Ian is a soon-to-be-PhD in Statistics with 5 years of experience participating and leading data mining competitions with a proven track record.  In addition to placing 2nd in the prudsys 2015 Data Mining Cup, he placed 1st and 5th in the 2014 and 2013 prudsys competitions, respectively.  Currently Ian is working on practical modeling approaches that merge Bayesian and machine learning techniques.

Interesting fact: Ian can build applications in languages that almost no one else knows how to use: Vimscript, Fortran, and SAS.

Alex Shum: Chief Data Officer

Alex and his great smile

Alex is an ex-PhD currently working in Silicon Valley with experience in building and maintaining data science tools in R, Python and bash.  Alex also has strong interests in algorithms and theoretical computer science.  He is the author of several R packages on CRAN including an R package to connect to Retsly’s real estate API.

Interesting fact: Alex is from Hawaii but hates pineapple and swimming.

Evan “Pete” Walsh: Director of Artificial Intelligence

Pete and a big cliff

Pete is pursuing a PhD in Probability Theory at Iowa State University.  The combination of Pete’s strong work ethic and mathematical background has propelled him to be a full-stack developer with an understanding of statistical modeling at the most fundamental level.

Interesting fact: Pete is not Pete. His name is Evan, and his middle name is Parnell.

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