Each of your leads act and behave in different ways – they each have unique motivating factors that will eventually be triggered to lead to their move. So how do you reach them with the right information at the right time? Sending timely and personalized emails is still a viable way to continue to re-engage your online leads, but it’s an up hill battle to even get them to open your emails.

Moving starts with motivation

If you were to comb through your lead database with a fine-tooth comb, you’d be able to look at every house, every click, every open and every event a lead takes on your website. But this just isn’t a viable action for you to take regularly. However, understanding your lead’s motivations is key to finding what it is that’s motivating them to move.

Taking it a step further, while looking through your lead’s online activity you could start to analyze patters in their behavior. This is a technique companies like Google, Pandora, Amazon and Netflix use to send you relevant and timely notifications based on your personal behavior.

Think about how Netflix keeps you on their site for so long, even after you’ve finished binge watching your favorite show; they do this by getting you to start-up the first season of a very similar show they think you’ll love.

Keeping me engaged on their site is what leads to me to spend countless more hours than I had first intended on staying on their site. The same can go for your real estate website – by continually updating them with homes “they’ll also like because they like open concept floor plans” they will stay on your site instead of leaving, which all leads to better site equity (meaning they would rather come back to your site where they have a history rather than someone else’s).

Getting online leads to invest time in your site will pay off

With more personalized and highly curated search results like mentioned above, your online leads will start to build up more site equity on your site. So even if they aren’t ready to buy now, 6 weeks from now they will come back to your site since they have a history.

But how do you get them to come back in 6 weeks? After all, what good does a highly personalized website do if it’s not able to convert leads into closings with proper re-engagement marketing strategies? This is where we look to Amazon for inspiration.

When you finally cave in and buy that new phone, Amazon is quick to let you know that you’re going to need a new case with it:

Customers who buy that phone also have bought these phone cases

That simple reminder of similar items that I know I’ll need drive revenues at Amazon (in the Billions of $$$), and it could start to drive revenues for you too!

Take a look at the technology we’re building at Structurely, which analyzes your online lead’s behaviors to send them automated personalized emails based on the homes they like.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.30.12 AM.png
Automated natural language emails based on lead behavior

By sending emails to your online leads based on their personalized behavior, it keeps them coming back to your site – so when they see an email like this, they know that you’re going to provide them the best search experience they can find.

(If you want access to the tool above get in touch with us by sending a message here)

Send personalized on-site or in-app messages

You’re leads now have some site equity with you, and you’ve re-engaged them by sending a personalized email to drive them back to curated search results just for them. Now they’re back on your site, so how do you get them to actively start making a move on some real estate?

The key now is something we live for at Structurely – messaging. Once you’ve got a lead back on your site, you know about the homes they like, you now need to figure out how to get them to take some action.

You might be thinking, “All I have to do now is get them to fill out a lead capture form and I’m golden!” But think again, in today’s world, most of us are starting to become appalled if a website asks us for an email to see some content (and rightfully so – it’s a horrible user experience)


Trust me, all of us hate these lead sign up forms, yourself included, so why would you make your leads fill one out after you’ve spent so much time and effort getting them to this point? The likelihood they will bounce when they see this miserable form is pretty high, there is a better option and it’s called messaging.


Notice something different about this image? That’s right, there’s no sign up form, instead there is a timely and personalized message that’s asking the lead if they need any help. This approach can even be automated with the help of Structurely, so that your leads don’t slip through the cracks after you’ve spent so long getting them to this point.

With the help of the internet age and advances in technology like artificial intelligence, all of this is possible – as you are already seeing with the likes of mega companies like Amazon and Netflix. But it doesn’t have to just be for these huge companies, you can adapt this approach and technology in your real estate company, no matter the size, and we would love to help you do that at Structurely 🙂

Drop us a line on Facebook or our website!

– Happy lead hunting

❤ The Structurely Team


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