If you’re like most Realtors, accessing public record reports is a necessary part of your daily routine. But this is no simple task. While eventually this data is available for your consumption or for you to share with a client, it is not as simple as unlocking your phone and putting in a simple address search. It’s much more difficult than that and we’re out to make accessing public record reports as simple as sending a message.

At Structurely, we’ve set out to build Holmes, a real estate chatbot for agents. The first chatbot for real estate agents who lives to serve your everyday needs. Holmes is very good at finding data that’s usually tough to come by and what’s really great about him as he makes it as simple as sending a message to find this data. Take a look at how easy it is to find public record reports!


Instantly Accessible Public Record Data

The real beauty about chatbots is their uncanny ability to always be on call. It’s like having an assistant constantly living in your pocket, awaiting your beckoning call. There’s no need to download another app, no need to login or find the button that lets you share a report. It’s just simple and straightforward messaging.

This is why we set out to teach Holmes about public record data. With nearly 150 Million records at its beckoning Holmes is sure to find that property you have questions on just with a simple message.

But don’t worry those of you who don’t use Facebook Messenger, Holmes will soon be coming to SMS and Slack too! This means that you’ll never skip a beat in your day-to-day workflow. Simply send a message to your favorite digital assistant in your favorite messaging app and you’ll be looking at a beautifully generated public record report in less than 2 seconds flat (we checked 🙂 )

Holmes Lives To Serve Those Who Serve to Live

Holmes can find you any public record, parcel, assessment, and transactional record data in the entire country, but who’s to say he stops there? As a Realtor, your life is constantly on the go and you certainly don’t have near the hours in the day you’d like to accomplish your daily tasks. From creating ads to flyers, to following up with online leads, to helping leads through a search or guiding them through what the market is like to sell their home, there’s an entire digital world out there for you to conquer every day and we get it, it’s tough!

Which is why you should hire Holmes to do these things for you! That’s right, we’re training Holmes to become the most powerful go-getter chatbot assistant you’ve ever seen! And trust us, he’s getting more and more qualified each and every day as we build up his library of real estate knowledge, including the most advanced real estate natural language understanding library the world has ever seen.

So what are you waiting for? Really, there’s no reason to wait around sifting through apps and data to find what it is you need. Instead, you can send a simple message to Holmes on your favorite app and let him do the heavy lifting for you. That gives you more time in the day to close more deals and that’s what makes Holmes happy 🙂

Ready to use Holmes for yourself? Shoot us a message at m.me/structurely and we will add you as one of the first to test Holmes out!


The guys who are building Holmes

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